Bucharest - Basic financials for NCPs in the view of the EIC

Basic NCP Training

Basic financials for NCPs in the view of the EIC

Focus on: blended finance / SPV, eco-system the EIC is embedded in, basics on risk finance terminology, introduction to the world of Venture Capital

Date: 18 June 2019
Place: Bucharest, Romania
Location: techhub Bucharest (https://bucharest.techhub.com)
Address: District 2, 39-41 Strada Nicolae Filipescu, Bucharest, 020961, Romania

Aim of the training

This training aims to enhance the knowledge of the SME/ARF NCPs on financials in the view of the EIC.

A major new feature of the EIC Accelerator will be the blending of different sources of financing to support accelerating the growth of companies, i.e. grants and equity, implemented via a newly established Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). At the same time, the EIC will have interfaces with other sources of risk finance: SMEs applying might already have an investor on board already, during negotiations with the SPV a private investor might be invited to co-invest, interfaces with the pan-european fund-of-fund might be used, etc. 

Therefore this training will focus on the SPV/blended finance, and aims to have a look at the broader picture as well:

·         Frame the role of risk finance within the EIC

·         Do a reality check on the role and processes of the SPV

·         Gain a good basic understanding for all risk finance related instruments, vocabulary,  terms and conditions

·         Understand how venture capitalists think and act

·         Understand the role of a company that needs risk capital

It aims to help NCPs better understand key financial vocabulary and opportunities within the frame and eco-system of the EIC.

Workshop Target group: SME NCPs, ARF NCPs


Registration for the Training:


Follow-up Event

  • Innovative Enterprise Week Bucharest 2019
  • Date: 19th – 21st of June 2019:
    • 19 June: EIC Pathfinder
    • 20 June: EIC Accelerator
    • 21 June: Financial Instruments
  • Link for more information and registration: https://innoenterprisebucharest2019.eu  (requires separate registration from the training)
  • Important note: SME and ARF NCP can be reimbursed for 18/6 -21/6 (max. three extra nights after the training) only if they attend the A4SMEs training on 18/6. If you are interested in attending both events and to be reimbursed accordingly, please indicate it accordingly at the Registration Form of the NCP Training.
  • Info on travel and hotels are available at https://innoenterprisebucharest2019.eu/travel-kit.html 


Organised by:

  • FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency

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