Warsaw - Business model and business plan development

Dates: 8 May 2019

Place: Warwaw, Poland

Venue: Novotel Warszawa Centrum Hotel, Marszalkowska str. 94/98, Warsaw

Introduction: The aim of the training will be to train NCPs on the enhanced European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot initiative, notably on its new instruments Pathfinder and Accelerator.

Furthermore the training will focus on enhancing skills necessary to work with companies applying for support in the EIC, specifically on business plan and business model drafting and investor readiness assessment.


This training is based on a “Train-the-trainer” format, considering basic business knowledge and skills as a prerequisite. It aims at providing useful insights and content to NCPs who will be further disseminating this information to their regional and national communities as trainers. 

Workshop Target group: mainly SME NCPs & ARF NCPs

Organised by: IPPT PAN - Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of Science

For further inquiries or details regarding the event, please contact the organising team at IPPT PAN:

Marta Krutel Marta.Krutel@kpk.gov.pl

Lukasz Dyba Lukasz.Dyba@kpk.gov.pl 

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