Berlin - Access4SMEs Training: Starting Up vs Scaling Up

Train-the-trainer NCP Training - Starting-up vs. Scaling-up

Integrated approach along the innnovation value chain

Dates: 3 & 4 May 2018

Place: Berlin, Germany

Venue: Sirius Minds Co-working Space, Französische Straße 12, 10117 Berlin-Mitte


Towards the end of the programming period, the successful implementation of the European Innovation Council pilot highlights the importance of “starting-up” and “scaling-up”, in an effort to advance the innovation ecosystem in Europe. As a consequence, demanding entrepreneurial skills are requested from NCPs in order to support their daily work, including proposal evaluation, investment readiness evaluation, pitching, business planning and innovation management.

This training concludes a series of trainings offered by the Access4SMEs Project on the innovation value chain and on innovation and business related skills for NCPs in order to efficiently support the new EIC pilot.

The training completes the practical knowledge with an on-the-sport journey at the heart of start-ups in Europe, Berlin.


  • This training aims to enhance NCPs understanding of the journey of a startups’ development cycle towards scaling up within service ecosystems that support this journey.
  • It connects experience with practical knowledge and management theory in a systematic, yet tailor-made manner, in order to provide NCPs with the soft skills and tools they need to excel in supporting proposers during the preparation of an investment opportunity (a proposal for the SME Instrument, for an investment round or for any other financial instrument).


This training is based on a “Train-the-trainer” format, considering basic business knowledge and skills as a prerequisite. It aims at providing useful insights and content to NCPs who will be further disseminating this information to their regional and national communities as trainers. 

Workshop Target group: SME NCPs, ARF NCPs


Organised by: FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency

For further inquiries or details regarding the event, please contact the organising team at FFG:
Iraklis Agiovlasitis -
Christian Frey -

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