Lisbon - Access4SMES Training on InnovFin Equity

Dates: 22 March 2018

Place: Lisbon

Venue: Fundação Portuguesa das Comunicações, Rua do Instituto Industrial, nº 16

Target Group: NCPs, mainly SME & ARF NCPs

Organised by: ARF&SME NCP Network ACCESS4SMEs

FCT/ANI – GPPQ-FP Promotion Office

Alexandre Marques (FCT/ANI) –  


Deadline for registration: 16 March 2018


Background and Aim


Under 'Access to Risk Finance', Horizon 2020 support SMEs (including start-ups), large companies, financial intermediaries and other types of organisations committed to perform and support research and innovation via debt and equity finance through the 'InnovFin' initiative.


InnovFin initiative includes instruments for large companies, SMEs on equity and debt windows (venture capital, seed and early stage funding, technology transfer, guarantees, loans, etc). Under the Equity window, InnovFin provides equity investments and co-investments to funds focusing on the early-stage financing of enterprises that operate in innovative sectors covered by Horizon 2020. 


This training aims to improve NCPs knowledge on the seed and venture capital instruments under InnovFin Equity and highlight to the NCP community which key messages they should be spreading in their communities, mainly to financial intermediaries and SMEs (including start ups).


InnovFin Equity comprises four different products:


·         ­InnovFin Technology Transfer (InnovFin TT): investments in funds operating in the pre-seed (including proof of concept) and seed stages. Focuses on technology transfer funds on the areas of key enabling technologies and other Horizon 2020 objectives.   

·         InnovFin Business Angels (InnovFin BA): targets investments into funds managed by business angels or coinvestment funds, which invest in early-stage enterprises at regional, national or cross-border level.

·         InnovFin Venture Capital (InnovFin VC): targets investments into venture capital funds that provide funding to enterprises in their early stages operating in Horizon 2020 innovative sectors.

·         InnovFin Fund-of-Funds (InnovFin FoF): targets investments into fund-of-funds which hold or target to build a portfolio of underlying investee funds with significant early stage focus.


This training will also address the Blending Instrument Pilot that will blend grants with loans and/or equity to support the scale-up of fast-growing, highly innovative SMEs  and small  midcaps and the new alternative finance initiatives, crowdfunding and crowdlending pilots which will support the platforms targeting SME support.


09:00h   Registration


09:30h   Welcome remarks

                               Ignácio Puente - European Commission

                               Alexandre Marques - GPPQ - FP Promotion Office (FCT/ANI)


09:40h   Access4SMEs NCP Network - Promotional Guide to access financial instruments

                               Alessia Rotolo, Agenzia per la Promozione della Ricerca Europea


09:50h   European Equity Instruments for R&D landscape  

                               Overview InnovFin Equity, COSME EFG and EFSI Equity Instrument

                               Ignácio Puente - European Commission

                               Minerva Elias - European Investment Fund


10:40h   InnovFin Venture Capital and InnovFin Fund-of-Funds

                               Product features, implementation status and selection process

                               Minerva Elias - European Investment Fund


11:20h   Coffee Break


11:40h   Equity for seed and early-stage - InnovFin TT and InnovFin BA

                               Product features, implementation status and selection process

                               Minerva Elias - European Investment Fund


12:30h   Q&A


12:45h   Buffet Lunch


14:15h   Case Study on implementation of InnovFin VC

                               Raising a Venture Capital ICT Fund - Process and Lessons Learned                           

                               Stephan Morais - Indico Capital 


15:00h   Case Study on implementation of InnovFin TT (webstreaming)

                               Setting a fund on Technology Transfer - Process and Lessons Learned                    

                               Nicola Redi - Vertis Venture & Technology Transfer


15:40h   Q&A


16:00h   Coffee Break


16:20h   Alternative Finance for R&D forward looking: Blending Instrument Pilot, crowdfunding Pilot                       

                                 under the European Innovation Council

                               Ignacio Puente - European Commission

                               Minerva Elias - European Investment Fund


17:00h   Q&A


17:30h   End of the session

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