Webinar - InnovFin Science and InnovFin Emerging Innovators

Webinar InnovFin Science and InnovFin Emerging Innovators

Background and Aim

Under 'Access to Risk Finance', Horizon 2020 support SMEs, large companies, financial intermediaries and other types of organisations committed to perform and support research and innovation via debt and equity finance.

The 'InnovFin' initiative includes instruments for large companies and for SMEs, on debt and equity window (venture capital, early stage, technology transfer, etc). Horizon 2020's financial instruments will operate complementarity with COSME and ESIF financial instruments delivered under shared management.

On the debt window European Investment Bank, jointly with the European Commission will launch two new instruments, foreseen on Work Programme Access to Risk Finance 2018-20 - InnovFin Science and InnovFin Emerging Innovators. Those new instruments are focused on large projects and will be open on a demand driven approach:

  • InnovFin Science aims to improve access to risk finance for R&I infrastructures (including innovation-enabling infrastructures), universities and research and technology organisations (RTOs). This facility finances facilities, resources and services used by the research community to undertake research and foster innovation. Entities with dual teaching and research roles can also benefit.
  • InnovFin Emerging Innovators supports entities in the 'modest and moderate innovators' as defined in the 2016 Innovation Scoreboard, together with Associated Countries.  This facility aims to improve access to risk finance by beneficiaries in countries that, to date, have received relatively limited support under InnovFin.

The aim of this webinar is to present the different opportunities included under the new H2020 Access to risk finance 2018-2020 Work Programme and highlight to the NCP community which key messages they should be spreading in their communities.

Target Group

Horizon 2020 National Contact Points, with particular reference to the SME, Access to risk finance and Infrastructures NCPs.


ARF&SME Network Access4SMEs

Alexandre Marques (FCT/ANI) – alexandre.marques@gppq.pt

Technical details on how to join the webinar will follow shortly.


The presentations are available on this website. 

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