Brussels - Access4SMEs workshops - 10 May 2017

On May 10, 2017, an internal Access4SMEs workshop was held in Brussels at the presence of SME National Contact Points, representatives of European Commission & EASME and six SME Instrument expert evaluators.

This event has been organized within the framework of the Access4SMEs activities, and in particular WP3, aimed at identifying and sharing SME success factors and best practices for proposals, and providing a set of tools and support measures in order to guide SMEs in preparing a competitive proposal.

These tools will include examples of competitor analysis, commercialization plans, good IPR strategies, etc. In particular, an annotated SME Instrument proposal template will be produced by Access4SMEs by the end of 2017. It will be freely downloadable on the projects’ website in view of the SME Instrument 2018-2020 calls and the launch of the European Innovation Council (EIC) planned in early 2018.

This workshop was held for the purpose of learning and assessing what makes a successful SME Instrument proposal. Mr. Ignacio Puente Gonzalez, Access4SMEs project officer from European Commission DG R&I, highlighted once more the relevance of the SMEs’ participation in Horizon2020 and in the next EIC. Mr. Bernd Reichert, Head of Unit ‘SMEs in H2020’ at EASME, presented the new SME Instrument Impact Report 2017 and provided a glimpse on how EASME measures the impact and success of the program.

The subsequent part of the day included the presentations of 6 different experts, who act as evaluators of SME Instrument proposals.

Each of them provided a slightly different angle as to what they think makes a ‘winning’ proposal, and shared what they feel are the best practices and tips on how to write a strong competitive proposal.

All materials can be found here: presentations – 10.05.2017

Photos from the worskshops: photos – 10.05.2017

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