During the Innovative Enterprise Conference 2018, held on the 21st and 22nd of November, Access4SMEs played a main role in the agenda, organizing two important events addressed the innovators all around Europe.

During the two days, the National Contact Points were present at the Innovative Enterprise Conference with a dedicated stand to provide assistance to participants on the funding opportunities of Horizon 2020 and EIC (including financial instruments) and to present the services and tools developed by the project.

On 22nd November, Access4SMEs promoted two great opportunities for the innovators:

The Elevator Pitch:  a pitch session has been organized through EuroQuity, with 20 of the best companies awarded with the Seal of Excellence. The Innovators had the opportunity to present their successful ideas to a selected audience of experts. Finally, an open deal session took place, with 8 outstanding scale-up companies (between 2 and 20 M€ sought).

The Panel Session“An innovation policy trial” – Towards a competitive European Deep-Tech Ecosystem.  The Policy trial successfully aimed to address some of today’s challenges in the frame of deep-tech and access to finance for SMEs and start up, while fostering an interdisciplinary spirit. By looking at future digital trends and breakthrough innovation, this session was a unique moment for exploring how deep-tech ecosystem interacts with the SME finance framework.  The event opened with an inspirational talk on “how digitization and globalization are creating eroding barriers towards the future…”. The European Commission showed the policy agenda towards post-2020 and a panel of selected innovators had the opportunity to share their views and experiences. Participants from a wide range of backgrounds – from public policy to digital science, finance, VCs and start uppers, were asked to interact with panelists during the session through Sli.do.

Watch the recorded video of the Elevator Pitch